Nakki Lake

Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Nakki Lake

Lake at Mount Abu

could-see attraction

Address: Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Visit duration: People typically spend up to 1 hour here

Nakki Lake, Mount Abu hill station, Rajasthan
Nakki Lake surrounded by hills, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

About Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

Nakki Lake is settled in the hill station of Mount Abu. The lake is encircled by lush green hills on all sides within the Aravalli range. It is an artificial lake at a height of 4000 feet above sea level. The Nakki lake is half a mile long and a quarter wide with a depth of 20 to 30 feet.

The original concept of romanticism in literature means celebrating nature. So, be it celebrating nature or the company of your close ones, the calm and genuine aesthetic ambience of the lake is the perfect destination to appreciate life.

Sunrise at Nakki Lake, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Legends surrounding the origin of Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake has a classic collection of bewitching stories. One story chronicles the origin of the lake back to millennials when the gods dug the lakes with their nails to achieve protection against a demon, Bashkali. The name of the lake alludes to the heavenly incidents.

Another story speaks of Rasiya Balam. The story narrates that once a regional king proclaimed that he would let any man marry the princess, Kunwari Kanya, if he could dig a lake overnight. The task was completed only by Rasiya Balam, who was in love with the princess. However, the queen denied marriage to the princess. Legends say that it was an incarnated human life of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati and the betrayal states the return of the celestial being back to this mortal world again to complete their story. Their story is narrated in the famous poem 'Lost Love'. The temple of Rasiya Balam and Kunwari Kanya is nestled behind the Dilwara Jain temple.

The Nakki Lake is considered to be a sacred lake by the Garasia tribe of Rajasthan. In April, the tribe celebrates the Shukla Paksha by worshipping on the banks of the lake and paying tribute to their ancestors. Individuals sanctify their nails in the lake at this festival.

Rock in the middle of Nakki Lake, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Boating at Nakki Lake

A trip to Nakki Lake in Mount Abu is incomplete without boating. The serenity of the lake and the artistic beauty of the hill station can be appreciated by boating.

The boating timings are from 09:30 am to 06:00 pm every day. The duration of the boat ride is thirty minutes. The cost is ₹50 to ₹100 for a pedal boat ride and ₹100 for a Shikara boat ride.

Facts and tips about Nakki Lake

  • The Toad Rock can be found near the lake. The rock is settled at the side and faces the lake. It got its name from its shape which looks like a toad that is about to jump into the lake. You can climb the stony hillside or use the steps leading down to Nakki Lake to trek on the Toad Rock.

  • The weather near the lake is pleasant and can be enjoyed with warm and comfortable clothes. To enjoy walking alongside the lake, wear comfortable shoes. Do not forget to photograph the memories and beauty of the hills and the lake.

How to reach Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake, situated at Mount Abu, is a 10-minute drive from the Dilwara Temples.

Other attractions near Nakki Lake

  • Dilwara Temples - 3.0 km

FAQs about Nakki Lake

1. Why is Sunset Point restricted to visitors??

Sunset Point is forbidden to climb because wild animals such as bears and leopards roam around the paths that lead to Sunset Point.

2. What are the activities that can be enjoyed at Nakki Lake other than boating?

Aqua zorbing and horse rides are available around the lake.

3. Is there any place to eat near Nakki Lake?

Yes, there are many food stalls and shops near the lake to enjoy a meal.

Boating at Nakki Lake, Mount Abu, Rajasthan
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