Deeg Palace


Deeg Palace

Palace, 97 km from Agra

could-see attraction

Opening hours: 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday-Thursday (closed on Friday)

Address: Deeg, Rajasthan

Ticket price: Indian/foreigner ₹25/300

Visit duration: People typically spend up to 1 hour here

Deeg Palace, Rajasthan
Courtyard at Deeg Palace, Rajasthan

About Deeg Palace

Deeg Palace, also called Jal Mahal, is a spectacular pavilion in eastern Rajasthan. It was a luxurious summer residence for the rulers of Bharatpur. The Deeg Palace showcases the elegance of both Rajput and Mughal architecture.

History of Deeg Palace

The Deeg Palace was built in 18th century. The Jats, a traditional agricultural community, and their ruler made Deeg the capital of their kingdom. The city faced many invasions due to its strategic location. To prevent the city from several raids, king Suraj Mal built a fortress around the palace for defence. The complex consists of huge walls, a deep moat and the palace that was used as the royal residence during the time of war. The palace was inhabited till the early 1970s.

Architecture of Deeg Palace, Rajasthan

Architecture of Deeg Palace

A huge arch-shaped doorway marks the entrance of the Deeg Palace. The gateway is enormous in height exhibiting Rajasthani architecture. The walls of the door are engraved with detailed floral designs. The first floor has alcoves that make the frame for numerous windows while the second floor has small corridors with pillars.

There are many edifices on the premises of the Deeg Palace which are decorated with gardens, trees and red sandstone pavements. The notable mansions called Bhawans include Keshav Bhawan, Suraj Bhawan, Nand Bhawan, Gopal Bhawan, and Kishan Bhawan. The palace houses numerous fountains.

The architecture of the Deeg Palace is immensely influenced by the magnificence of Mughal culture. The edifices also feature arcade columns, brackets and alcoves carved with authentic Rajasthani-Rajput designs, Rajasthani Jali designs, latticework, and the floors are furnished with marble stones.

The quadrangle garden is divided by red sandstone pavements thus the layout of the garden mirrors the Mughal Charbagh. The garden is ornate with flowerbeds, shrubs, trees and fountains. There are two huge water tanks inside the premises, the Gopal Sagar and the Rup Sagar. The layout of the garden and the water tanks cool down the atmosphere of the Deeg Palace during the summer.

The marble swing, overlooking the garden, belonged to the Nurjahan which was brought into the Deeg Palace as a war trophy from the Mughal Court.

Keshav Bhawan, the monsoon pavilion, is settled near the Rup Sagar. It is a single-storeyed baradari, a pillared hall. The walls of the water reserves are pierced with hundreds of minute water jets and the fountains are run by traditional methods without using any modern technology. Bullocks and large leather buckets were used to draw water from the reserves through a pulley system.

The Deeg Palace is a captivating conglomeration of Mughal architecture with Rajasthani craftsmanship.

Reflection of Deeg Palace in the pool, Rajasthan

Entry fee and timings

The Deeg Palace is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm except for Fridays. The entry fee for Indian visitors is ₹25 and for foreign visitors, it is ₹300.

Facts and tips about Deeg Palace

  • Suraj Mal plundered the Red Fort and carried a marble edifice back to Deeg. He disassembled the structure into pieces and reassembled it back home.

  • The palace is a large premise which means a lot of strolling around is required to enjoy the architecture. So, remember to carry water, and wear a comfy dress and footwear.

  • During Holi, organic colours pouched in small cloth decorate the water reserves. They were placed in the pipelines and the water would sprout in different colours. the fountain also produced thunder-like sounds which altered the ambience of the palace and the desert town would get drenched in a monsoon-like atmosphere.

How to reach Deeg Palace

Deeg Palace is located in eastern Rajasthan. It takes 2 hours to drive to Deeg from Agra and about 4 hours from Delhi or Jaipur.

Other attractions near Deeg Palace

  • Keoladeo National Park - 38 km
  • Fatehpur Sikri - 61 km
  • Agra - 97 km
  • Delhi - 173 km
  • Jaipur - 196 km

FAQs about Deeg Palace

1. Is it necessary to hire a tour guide?

Well, it depends on you, as you can hire a tour guide who is knowledgeable about the palace.

2. When is the Deeg Festival celebrated?

The Deeg festival is a three-day long festival held in September.

3. How much time is sufficient to tour the Deeg Palace?

The magnificent palace requires at least an hour to enjoy the beauty of the edifices.

Inside Deeg Palace, Rajasthan
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